Weekly Update: September 8, 2023

I made quite a bit of progress this week on some late game content. I still want to add some more content to that story and need to refactor some of the existing content to work with it, but I hope to have a new beta ready in the next two weeks (fingers crossed).

I also identified a bug in the AI that was contributing to the issue of it going full speed even when there’s a high risk of collision. This is a tricky area to work in because overall I think the AI steering is pretty good but not perfect. There’s always a chance that a change that fixes some behavior will make some other area worse, but I’ll see with the next playthrough.

What I did in the last week:

  • Finished a late game storyline.
  • Two new anomalies.
  • Continued working with artists and modeler on new modules.

Until next week!