Weekly Update: March 1, 2024

After last week’s update I pushed out a patch to the Jupiter opt-in which added “planning mode” to the ship yard. This will let players make changes to their ship without resource restrictions and then save these changes as a design goal. Then the player will be able to see in the Trade window how much resources they need for their goal.

This patch also added a mini-quest and five new anomalies, bringing the total of unique anomalies to over 200!

Speaking of anomalies, Steam Trading Cards have finally been added. For these, I had to re-render high-resolution images of ten anomalies. I picked a handful of my favorite anomaly images and then rounded those out with some different environments. I also added some space scenes composited in Photoshop from game environments. As I mentioned last week, one of these is now my desktop wallpaper:

Hi-res original here if anyone wants it.

This week I continued to work on some small bug fixes that have been reported in Jupiter. Overall, the feedback from players is that Jupiter is in very good shape. This is the first version to include an “ending”. The number one complaint is that it feels a bit “on rails”. While there’s naturally going to be some guiding the player through specific end game events, I think there’s room to open things up in some places.

There are also still some open narrative threads in the game. While I don’t plan to explicitly answer all of the questions posed by the game’s universe, there definitely are a few story lines that I agree feel incomplete. If there’s a narrative that want to see developed further, let me know in the comments.

As a reminder, Jupiter is available as an opt-in build. It is not save compatible with Icarus, so you should only switch to it if you want to start a new game.

Thanks, until next week!

– Kevin