Weekly Update: Mar 3, 2023

I haven’t quite gotten everything I wanted to get done into the current version, but rather than delay I plan to make the “Europa” build available as an opt-in beta. It might be a little less polished than previous builds, but I think that’s okay as I don’t plan on making Europa a default build. Barring any unexpected delays, I’ll post in the discussion forum when the beta is available, hopefully early next week.

What I’ve done in the past week:

  • First pass playthrough
  • Additional content work
  • Refactored several regions for static placement
  • Several new techs
  • Continued to improve fighter drone logic
  • 4 new anomalies
  • Fixed a bug where log entries would still be duplicated
  • Relatedly, suppressed log entries with exactly identical content (e.g., talking to the same character with no changes in responses)
  • Improved map readability by dimming fully completed planets, as well as stars with no incomplete planets

Until next week

— Kevin