Weekly Update: Mar 17, 2023

Last Saturday I posted a blog update regarding the issues with the Skill / Crew system, which is the main thing I’ve been working on this week. Specific changes I’ve started:

  • Crew are now locked to their expertise in terms of narrative (see the blog post for explanation)
  • Simplified skill roll logic
  • Changed “dice” to percentile display. I liked the idea of dice with 0-9 pips indicating percent as sort of a sci-fi themed element, but it’s too confusing: players naturally assume that “pips” mean addition, not percentile.
  • Add the ability for skill check rolls to be reset.
  • Refactored several anomalies for the changes.

Other things I’ve worked on outside of crew/skill:

  • Fixed a bug with ship turn stat display
  • Fixed a bug where after the first survey, the lander would make an overly wide arc
  • Experimented with some changes to laser weapon behavior
  • Fixed several dozen typos

Until next week!

— Kevin