Weekly Update: June 21, 2024

Quick update as this past week I’ve mostly been working on tasks that are not directly connected to development, but are still important and necessary. E.g., working with translator, new Store assets, reaching out to GOG, etc.

As I mentioned last week there’s an opt-in beta patch for Kepler. I posted another patch to the same branch this week which adds/fixes the following:

  • If a player fighter drone is too far from ship, will be instantly recalled, allowing player to use fast travel without waiting for fighters
  • Fixed missing “The End” achievement
  • Removed unused resource (Metallic He) from display lists
  • Fixed null reference error
  • Several typos

Once this latest patch gets a bit more player testing I’ll post it to the default branch. As a reminder, anyone can switch to opt-in beta branches and this one is compatible with current saves (Kepler):

Instructions for opt-in Betas, choose Unstable Kepler.