Weekly Update: June 16, 2023

After posting Ganymede to default last week, I’ve been monitoring player reports for any high priority issues that warranted hot patches. Two came up: the first was a fairly low probability scenario that could happen if a player missed a particular interaction. But that scenario would make two storylines out of sync to the point that the player would likely give up before the second story “caught up”. So I issued a patch last Friday that also implemented some performance optimizations.

One of those optimizations ended up introducing a less serious issue, but one that effected all players: icons from the first (prologue) universe would appear on the map. Since this would cause most players to trek unnecessarily into the void, I posted a patch for that on Sunday.

Since then, I’ve finally started work on new content/features for the next named update.

Some items I’ve started work on:

  • New faction and side quests
  • New NPC feature
  • Additional mouse control option (none, steer toward mouse, or turn toward mouse)
  • Changes to visiblity system
  • Selecting autopilot near Celaeno will automatically fly to Celaeno and dock
  • Changes to crew notification system

Until next week,