Weekly Update: July 5, 2024

Yesterday was Independence Day here in the US, here are some explosions to celebrate:

As I talked about last week, I’ve been largely focused on graduation related tasks: marketing materials, promotion, translation, business stuff, etc.

The opt-in Kepler branch has been updated with a new build. The main purpose of this build is it is the first public non-development build. You probably have noticed that the game says “Development Build” in the lower right corner. Besides getting rid of that text, this release build also removes some debug and profiling instrumentation. So it 

may improve performance for some players as those potentially add a layer of overhead.

Besides that, the build adds/fixes:

  • F8 indicator removed from HUD (F8 still submits feedback)
  • Some analytics calls removed
  • Difficulty settings added to options menu. Difficulty is application-wide, rather than per game.
  • Havok charge should now persist across saves
  • Fixed missing localization symbol for quick save not found
  • Minor RP buffs

I plan to promote this build to default in the next few days barring any reports of serious issues.

Until next week!
– Kevin