Weekly Update: July 28, 2023

Last weekend I did another full playthrough and round of changes prior to making the new Helios build available as opt-in on Wednesday.

Since then I’ve started working on some non-gameplay tasks, since these types of changes can be deployed after the fact with low risk of breaking saves. I spent a big chunk of yesterday working on changes to display resolution options. I thought this was going to be a minor fix for an issue where refresh rate changes weren’t getting picked-up, but it turned into a deep rabbit hole for several reasons:

One, due to a long-standing issue in Unity, the current refresh rate may be off by one from the nearest available refresh rate. E.g., 59 vs 60, due to differences in rounding. Two, changing refresh rate does nothing unless in exclusive full screen as opposed to borderless windowed.
But the main reason this took so much time is that resolution changes are one of a handful of things that cannot be tested in the Editor. So for every experiment I tried, I had to rebuild the project. Like the olden days.

The next update will fix the refresh rate issue, as well as add support for VSync and exclusive full screen vs borderless. I think I’ve got it working now, although I can only test with the monitors I actually have.

Until next week,