Weekly Update: July 21, 2023

Last weekend I did a full playthrough of the latest update and made a large list of things to fix, add, or change. As I mentioned last update, my goal was to make this available for opt-in in the next two weeks, so one week from now.

There are still almost 50 items left on that list, but many of the minor items could be pushed out as a patch update. There are two mid-sized tasks and a half dozen small tasks I’d like to have in the first Helios build. Plus I want to do another faster playtest to make sure nothing is obviously broken. I still hope to make Helios available as opt-in by next weekend.

Specific tasks done in the past week:

  • Full playthrough with notes
  • Lots of minor changes and fixes based on playthrough
  • Three new anomalies, two new mini side quests

Until next week (or Helios opt-in announce),
– Kevin