Weekly Update: July 14, 2023

After the roller coaster of the last two weeks, I spent most of the last week working on the remaining big items I wanted for the next update, “Helios”. It’s not a massive update, but it touches a lot of things and as a result may have introduced more issues than a typical named update.

I’ve started a full playthrough, with the goal of identifying what items I want to fix/add/improve before I open it up as an opt-in, hopefully in the next two weeks, but this will depend very much on how the playthrough goes.

Tasks done in the past week:

  • Additional side quests, anomalies
  • Changes to some tech unlock paths
  • Lua debug console for players
  • Delay, hint time scaling based on actionable mission goal counts
  • Analytics data for actionables
  • Faction expansions no longer placed directly at destination
  • Changes to lateral jet behavior, added particles
  • Direct route autopilot option
  • Changes to AI steering

Until next week,