Weekly Update: January 26, 2024

I’ve continued to make progress on the Jupiter build. I’ve whittled down most of the items I planned for it. There are a lot of things I wanted to do for Jupiter that I didn’t get to. I was considering pushing it out a few more weeks, but instead I’ve decided to not expand the scope any further so I can start getting feedback from players. Once I’ve gotten the major outstanding issues addressed, I’ll do a fast playthrough. Assuming nothing critical broke, I’ll deploy it as an opt-in branch some time next week (fingers crossed).

Compared to previous builds, this one is larger and potentially a bit rougher. For example, on my first play through I found the end game enemies impossibly difficult. So I dialed them back and added some more player buffs, but it’s likely they’re either still very tough (or less likely, too easy). There are also situations with more active ships, so there may be performance issues as well. I touched a lot of systems during this build, so there’s a possibility of bugs. Finally, there’s a lot more “mission logic” in this one which means more potential bugs.

In terms of content “quantity”, here’s how it compares to Icarus:

179 anomalies
864 mission nodes
3339 mission logic elements
68,209 words

197 possible anomalies
4329 mission logic elements
82,182 words

A moderate increase in number of anomalies, but a fairly substantial increase in mission logic and text.

I’ll post in the discussion forums when Jupiter is up, then do a news announce after at least a few players have tried it and confidence is a bit higher that there aren’t any game breakers in it.

Until then!
– Kevin