Weekly Update: December 8, 2023

I took an off-line work vacation this week, taking a break from the Internet, but still working. One of the larger tasks was something subtle that I’d wanted to implement for a while: adding “soundscapes” to anomalies. Now, anomalies will have one or two layered atmospheric soundscapes to help accentuate their environment. E.g., some light waves for a watery anomaly, arctic winds for an ice planet, etc. In most cases I want them to be pretty subtle so as not to overpower the music, but just enough to complement the anomaly images.

Additional tasks I worked on this week:

  • Went through a dozen or so anomalies and adjusted wording to make the lore more consistent with recent story changes.
  • Fixed a bug causing an unlockable missile tech to stop working.
  • Based on player requests, changed the volume logic for turbo thrust to only initially start loud, but then fade down to just slightly audible over the base engine sound
  • Started work on some new interspersed content / RP sources
  • Continue work on late game content

As always, items from weekly updates will not be available until the next build update and are subject to change.

Until next week!

– Kevin