Weekly Update: Dec 30, 2022

A bit of a shorter week due to the Christmas holiday. The two biggest things I worked on in the past week were content for the (current) late game and the (current) early/mid game. Plus a number of changes to various systems and a few QoL features and fixes.

Tasks done:

  • Additional content work for late game
  • Additional content work, anomalies for early/mid game
  • 6 new anomalies
  • More analysis of player feedback, analytics
  • Changes to one mission that numerous players were getting stuck on
  • Changes to various mission timings
  • Additional conversations
  • Option to reduce intensity of anomaly distortion/noise
  • Fixed issue where a particular VFX effect not removed

I’ve just started a full playthrough, with particular attention to any bugs introduced by the new content and the most commonly mentioned issues from player feedback. My goal is to have a new build ready for an opt-in beta in the next week (fingers crossed).

Hope everyone has a happy New Year and thanks for reading!

– Kevin