Weekly Update #52: Beta 0.15

It’s apparently been a full year since I started doing weekly progress updates on development! There’s quite a bit of news this week. First, Beta 0.15 is now available as an opt-in branch of Steam. See here for instructions on how to access.

As usual, since this is a content update save games are not compatible. This is also the first version with an ending, although it’s still a bit rough in terms of providing direction. Pop over to the game’s Discord if you find you need some hints.

Here are the major changes in this update:

  • End game scenario
  • Players can now change the stat modifiers for various techs. See StarcomNexus_Data/StreamingAssets/Mods/readme.txt
    New technologies
  • New anomalies (now over 200 total)
  • New space artifacts/discoveries
  • Various new side missions
  • Change to early game “rift transition”
  • New alien faction and ships
  • Havok system can now target asteroids and debris (there is apparently a bug in how this behaves that I hope to hot fix this weekend)
  • Tweaks to music tracks
  • Notification when mission log updated
  • Mission log always shows “live” missions first
  • Certain mission objectives will be indicated on map
  • End of game credit sequence
  • Fixed shields not working with controllers
  • Fixed broken warp nexus
  • Fixed “black screen of death” caused after gateway jump in rare circumstances
  • Fixed various broken missions

If you decide to opt-in to this Beta be sure to leave some feedback on the Steam discussion thread for this update.

Finally, Starcom: Nexus has been accepted to the Boston Festival of Indie Games, aka FIG! This will be the first festival I’ve ever showcased the game at, so if you’re planning on going I hope you’ll stop by.