Weekly Update #36: Beta 0.13.0 Preview

I spent most of the past week playing through Beta 0.13 and fixing bugs. Yesterday I posted it to a beta branch. Brave commanders who want to check out the new version and aren’t afraid of a few bugs can check it out. See the Beta branch instructions for details.

Beta 0.13 Changes:

  • Warp hopper shock-wave technologies
  • Deep space speed increase, techs
  • Drone launcher techs and module
  • Misc. techs
  • New sectors, regions
  • New planet anomalies
  • New space discoveries, artifacts
  • Changes to storm nebulae, lightning
  • Additional late-game missions
  • New enemy ships
  • Refactored threat model
  • Changed behavior of the mission log filters
  • Map tips for planets and artifacts
  • Changed drops for missiles and lasers to make it less likely player will never acquire
  • Load game menu shows thumbnail of last anomaly surveyed (to help identify save points)
  • Misc. gameplay changes
  • Speed indicator in HUD
  • Corrected armor module protection value
  • Improvements to controller support, help
  • Procedural “free” sectors
  • Improved procedural generation
  • Fixes to visibility system
  • Refactored target selection logic
  • Various bug fixes
The warp shock is an actual side effect of how physicists believe an Alcubierre drive would work

Until next week! You can always reach me on Twitter, Discord or the game’s Steam Forums.