Weekly Update #29: Content Creation

This week I spent some more time polishing the new weapon, the Axial Ultragun. This is an over-powered weapon that can only fire forward, along the ship’s main axis. It consumes a ridiculous amount of energy and is not practical for most fights, but is pretty spectacular and fun to shoot.

Apart from that I worked on:

  • More updates to the procedural generation system. Now a larger percentage of the content is procedurally placed. I haven’t done a full playthrough since these changes so we’ll have to see how well they work.
  • A new type of recurring discovery.
  • Another random space object that’s potentially fun, interesting and dangerous.
  • Six new anomalies.
  • Installed a new larger SSD drive so I don’t have to keep shuffling project files off to the slower IDE drive.
  • Numerous small bug fixes.

Today I discovered that some change I implemented this week broke a large number of the warp nexus connections in the game. Unfortunately this kind of problem isn’t easily reverted via Git, because the connections are inside prefabs and reverting the changes would undo other changes that I want to keep. Fixing all of these by hand will probably only take an hour or two, but I may instead take a bit more time and refactor how nexus connections are stored.

All for this week!