Weekly Update #27: Beta 0.11 Branch

On Monday I put Beta 0.11.0 on an opt-in branch on Steam. This one is a bit rougher around the edges with several known issue reported already:

  • Exotic purchases at the Citadel always buy the first selection regardless of choice
  • At least one of the new “hidden” anomalies has an incorrect clue
  • Planets sometimes incorrectly showing “?” icon after survey

See this post for instructions on accessing: http://www.starcomnexus.com/early-access-updates-and-save-games/

Changes to 0.11 since 0.10:

  • New sectors (total of 89) and anomalies
  • New technologies
  • New discoveries
  • New missions/mechanics
  • New race
  • Difficulty settings (very experimental)
  • Improved Shipyard controller support
  • New “Havok” point defense system
  • Hovering ship status bars gives number values
  • Changed armor defense formula
  • Change to beam weapon behaviour
  • New capital ship death effects
  • Player notes on map
  • Mission log search function
  • Updates to localization
  • Various balance changes
  • Misc. bug fixes


Preview of upcoming changes to Trade

Given the known bugs, I’m going to leave this as an “opt-in” Beta while I continue to work on the next milestone.

Since Monday, I’ve started work on the next update:

  • A new trade system. The interface looks similar, but has some important changes:
    • Bigger differences resource preferences between races, leading to larger (potential) profits.
    • Traders have finite resources (including their own currency) per sector.
    • Trader resources “random walk” toward their target quantities over time.
    • Trade is done as a complete order, as opposed to having to buy/sell individual resources
    • Players can see module costs from inside the Trade window
  • New mission highlighting system. Important, uncompleted objectives will flash in the mission log.
  • Various internal code cleanup.

As always, you can post feedback here in the community forum or via F8 in game. If you have questions or just want to talk about the game, the Discord invite is here: https://discord.gg/uddMTC5

All for now, until next week!