Weekly Update #26: Beta 0.11 Update

I haven’t gotten everything in for Beta 0.11 that I had hoped to and there are a lot of balance changes. Rather than keep working until it’s “done” I’m going to try to get a Beta branch update in this week so intrepid commanders can start giving feedback. As per usual, this will an opt-in branch. This one may not get promoted to the default branch– instead I might wait until Beta 0.12 and make that the next default branch update.

Here’s what’s happened in the past week. As always, these changes are not yet available on Steam, just an update to keep players aware of progress:

  • Consolidated story notes, began updating the game backstory
  • Sent new race ideas to portrait artist
  • Created two new anomalies
  • New dialogues
  • New mission logic
  • Allow the experimental localization system to pull in approved suggestions without a client update
  • Caching of entity stats for performance
  • Changed module limits so Habitat and Hopper count as two modules
  • Fixed issue where hopper would “lose” ground gained during charge
  • Misc. rebalancing
  • Started playthrough test of new content
“The leaking reactor is still wreaking havoc on the aquatic life in this shallow coastal area and rendering approach to the aft section impossible.
The Xenobiologist observes that it’s a littoral disaster area.”