Weekly Update #25: Difficulty Sliders, Laser changes, and more…

Here’s what I worked on in the past week. As always, these updates aren’t available in game until the next beta branch update, but are posted weekly to keep players apprised of progress:

  • Created several new anomalies and discoveries
  • Worked on some new puzzles/missions (don’t worry, nothing as obtuse as the Araona Nest)
  • Implemented an experimental difficulty slider
    • The difficulty slider acts as a kind of multiplier for certain stats on hostiles, as well as modifying the maximum encounter threat levels for sectors.
    • In the process, I discovered a bug in armor effect calculation. It turned out not to have a huge effect for most “normal” values but it was flattening the high-end of the curve.
  • New enemy type
  • Changed lasers so that damage is range dependent and does increased damage against shields. This is an experiment, but my goal is to help differentiate them from plasma and allow players to discover scenarios where investing in beams is really worthwhile.

Player closes in to quickly knockout an enemy’s shields with their lasers.