Weekly Update #20: Prepping the Next Beta

This week I mainly spent on two things: balancing the new random encounter system and content. I’ve made quite a few changes, some of which might be breaking balance in egregious ways, but I feel the best way to find that out is to get a build out soon on a Beta branch.  There’s still a couple features I’d like to add before I do, then I’ll do a full playthrough to make sure I haven’t broken anything critical. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to put Beta 0.10.0 on a Beta branch in the next week.

You may encounter several of these object anomalies in the next update. What could they be?

Non-spoiler version of tasks completed in the past week:

  • New encounter system work
  • Additional discoveries
  • More sectors and anomalies– there are now 60+ sectors with over 220 planets and 100 unique anomalies!
  • Re-organized some of the mid to late game layout
  • Several minor bug fixes

Also, today marks exactly one month on Steam. Yay!