Update after a long pause…

It’s been quite a while since there’s been an update on Starcom: Nexus. I wanted to post a brief update to let people know what’s going on. Development stalled a bit after I got distracted with some other unrelated projects. I returned to it in June and have been working on it full time since then and have done a major overall of a lot of the game structure and some of the major elements.

The goal is still the same: an action RPG where you explore a new galaxy, discovering worlds, interacting with alien races and improving your ship.

Some of the design changes:

  • Ship design is modular. Instead of a handful of pre-built hulls, players will build their ship our of modules.
  • Planets will be more interactive. Instead of just decorative objects the player can scan for research points, players can risk crew on away missions with potentially profitable, humorous and/or disastrous results.
  • The AI has a dynamic disposition system that changes in response to what the player and other races do. If you linger too long in the space of a territorial race, they’ll attack you. Likewise, if you lure another ship into their territory, they’ll eventually attack it.

I hope to post some screenshots and videos of progress very soon.