Starcom: Unknown Space Press Kit

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Summary: Starcom: Unknown Space is an action RPG of space exploration and adventure. Build your own starship while discovering an epic story in a universe of strange mysteries, alien factions and uncharted worlds.

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Release Date: December 2022


  • Beautiful open-world universe full of mysteries to investigate and enemies to fight
  • Fast-paced combat
  • Rich story with numerous quest lines
  • New modular ship-building system
  • Multiple alien factions with their own motivations and dynamic dispositions
  • Research tree unlocking new weapons, defenses and abilities
  • Command crew skill progression
  • Alien trade

Images & Assets

Starcom: Unknown Space Logo
Logo, No Background

Layered PSD Format (16MB)


Missiles swarm at player over a derelict ship
One of the game’s factions is annoyed at the player’s behavior
Player chats with the station’s science officer
The shipyard
Research Screen
Investigating a celestial artifact
Many planets and artifacts offer unique interactions
Player opens fire with lasers
Investigating a space artifact
Mission log keeps track of important discoveries