Starcom: Unknown Space Press Kit & PSD Assets

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Summary: Starcom: Unknown Space is an action RPG of space exploration and adventure. Build your own starship while discovering an epic story in a universe of strange mysteries, alien factions and uncharted worlds.


  • Design your own starship with a custom ship-building system;
  • Research new technologies to unlock new modules & abilities;
  • Train your command crew in different skills to improve encounter outcomes, reveal insights, and improve ship operations;
  • Battle or befriend different alien factions with their histories and agendas;
  • Make meaningful decisions in a deep story line;
  • Discover lots of secrets and mysteries in an open-world universe.

Photoshop Assets

To help Streamers create quality cover/preview images for clips, here are layered PSDs containing a variety of game assets (characters, planets, background images, etc) with transparency when appropriate:


Starcom: Unknown Space Logo


Some Characters from the Game (10 MB)


Player built ships (4 MB)


Several layered planets


Variety of high resolution nebula backdrops (76 MB)

Other Images

Logo as PNG, No Background

Anomaly Images:


Missiles swarm at player over a derelict ship
One of the game’s factions is annoyed at the player’s behavior
Player chats with the station’s science officer
The shipyard
Research Screen
Investigating a celestial artifact
Many planets and artifacts offer unique interactions
Player opens fire with lasers
Investigating a space artifact
Mission log keeps track of important discoveries