Roadmap Update: Limited Beta Starting Soon!

It’s been a long road and still a lot left to do, but I think Starcom:Nexus is really starting to come together. Most of the major game play features are in place and with a good level of polish.

I’ve crafted a small universe with a story, mysteries, discoveries, anomalies, friends and enemies. Before I start expanding this small universe into a big one, I want to gather feedback from people not connected to the project or involved in game development.

Starcom:Nexus is getting ready to leave the station…

Starting in the next few weeks I’ll begin a series of limited beta tests with a random set of players from the game’s mailing list.

From there, I’ll begin expanding the game’s content, fixing bugs, and adding features based on player feedback.

Then the goal is to launch the game in Steam’s Early Access after several Beta iterations and the game’s content has been expanded, hopefully by the end of the year. But as always, the main goal is to create a great experience for players.

Be sure to subscribe to the mailing list for updates and if you’re interested in participating in one of the Beta tests!