Early Access Home Stretch

Starcom: Unknown Space is now a little less than a month from entering Early Access. At this point, the game feels very solid and players of the latest beta have not identified any critical issues.

This week, after doing a full playthrough and starting another round of close beta tests, I did some minor optimizations and started working on game controller support. I was pretty quickly able to get controller working for most in-game functions (steering, plasma weapons, etc.) and UI navigation for “most cases”. This still leaves quite a number of areas where a controller either doesn’t work well, or at all (most notably the shipyard).

Since my goal is to have a release candidate “freeze” this week (meaning no changes other than fixing critical issues), and I won’t be working on Thursday (Thanksgiving in the US), it remains to be seen how far I’ll get with controller support before launch.

Once the release candidate is ready, there will be a (hopefully final) closed beta on that.

All for now!