Weekly Update: Mar 17, 2023

Last Saturday I posted a blog update regarding the issues with the Skill / Crew system, which is the main thing I’ve been working on this week. Specific changes I’ve started: Other things I’ve worked on outside of crew/skill: Until next week! — Kevin

Crew System, Revisited

I just posted the Europa build as a beta opt-in. While players check it out and give feedback, I’ve been thinking about some changes to the crew/skill system. There’s an on-going discussion in the Steam Forums specifically about the skill system. My current understanding of players’ feelings is that players like having a command crew … Read more

Weekly Update: Mar 10, 2023

Weekly Update: Mar 10, 2023 In the last week I did some more work and testing on the Europa build and deployed it as an opt-in beta, which you can read about here. Over the next few days I patched some bugs uncovered by testers and implemented some QoL changes. Apart from one significant late … Read more

Weekly Update: Mar 3, 2023

I haven’t quite gotten everything I wanted to get done into the current version, but rather than delay I plan to make the “Europa” build available as an opt-in beta. It might be a little less polished than previous builds, but I think that’s okay as I don’t plan on making Europa a default build. … Read more

Weekly Update: Feb 24, 2023

Short update this week as most of the work was continuing work on a new story segment, so there’s not much to say about it without spoilers. Sometime in the next few days I plan to do a full playthrough and see what’s needed to get the changes into the next opt-in beta. My tentative … Read more

Weekly Update: Feb 17, 2023

This past week I started work on a new Story that helps connect some of the existing elements. (A “Story” in the game’s technical design is not necessarily what you might think of as a story, rather it’s more of an organization namespace to group related content.) As I was working on this Story I … Read more

Weekly Update: Feb 10, 2023

This was a shorter work week than usual because I was visiting family last weekend. The main thing that happened was that Draconis replaced Betelgeuse as the default build for Starcom: Unknown Space. Thanks to the opt-in testers this seems to have gone fairly smoothly. There have been no major bugs reported, although some minor … Read more

Weekly Update: Feb 2, 2023

(Posting earlier than usual because I’ll be traveling this weekend.) Last weekend I posted Draconis as an opt-in beta. Currently it seems to be free of major bugs, so I plan to make it the default build in the next week. While working on a side quest, I found it necessary to work on the … Read more

Weekly Update: Jan 27, 2023

As posted last week, this week’s goal was to get a new build up to start collecting player’s feedback on several changes to the (current) mid-game content and a fix to anomaly placement. That build, Draconis, is up now as an opt-in “unstable” beta. Details here. If there are no major issues uncovered, I hope … Read more

Weekly Update: Jan 20, 2023

The main thing I’ve worked on in the past week has been refactoring the mid-game content to have more of the regions discoverable through normal exploration, rather than explicitly unlocked through mission from Celaeno. This is something that I started with Cassiopeia and will continue incorporating in future updates. The goal is to find the … Read more