Weekly Update #33: Early Changes, New Mission

Here’s what I worked on this past week: Started laying out a new late game sector region Created a new late-game mission/quest and related anomalies Made some tweaks to the early game. Improved gamepad help New technologies Started working on a new ship feature but it’s not quite ready to show-off Fixed a number of … Read more

Weekly Update: #32 New content and more…

Still gathering player feedback on the recent 0.12 content update, but overall it sounds like players are really liking it with no major bugs. Here’s what I worked on this week: Modified procedural generation to allow the generation of “off-path” sectors Started layout of new sectors Four new kinds space anomalies Map tooltips: planets show … Read more

Weekly Update #31: Beta 0.12 to Default

The big update from the past week was pushing v. 0.12 to the default branch on Steam. The previous version was 0.10.3 so that was a pretty big update. See the announcement for a list of changes. Big thanks to all the Beta branch testers whose feedback and testing helped make that go smoothly! Since … Read more

Weekly Update #30: Beta 0.12

I spent most of this week testing the various changes since Beta 0.11 and fixing numerous bugs. Yesterday morning I posted Beta 0.12 to an opt-in branch on Steam. See this post for instructions to access opt-in branches. Here are the changes from 0.11: New procedural generation system. Until now, every playthrough of the same … Read more

Weekly Update #29: Content Creation

This week I spent some more time polishing the new weapon, the Axial Ultragun. This is an over-powered weapon that can only fire forward, along the ship’s main axis. It consumes a ridiculous amount of energy and is not practical for most fights, but is pretty spectacular and fun to shoot. Apart from that I … Read more

Weekly Update #27: Beta 0.11 Branch

On Monday I put Beta 0.11.0 on an opt-in branch on Steam. This one is a bit rougher around the edges with several known issue reported already: Exotic purchases at the Citadel always buy the first selection regardless of choice At least one of the new “hidden” anomalies has an incorrect clue Planets sometimes incorrectly … Read more

Weekly Update #26: Beta 0.11 Update

I haven’t gotten everything in for Beta 0.11 that I had hoped to and there are a lot of balance changes. Rather than keep working until it’s “done” I’m going to try to get a Beta branch update in this week so intrepid commanders can start giving feedback. As per usual, this will an opt-in … Read more

Weekly Update #24: Quick update

Quick update this week since I spent most of it working on content for the next Beta. Some interesting stuff I hope, but it would be pretty spoiler-y to give any details: More story and lore development Various new anomalies and discoveries New missions Implemented mission log search functionality All for now!