Weekly Update #40: Beta 0.14

Hey all! Beta 0.14 preview build is now up on Steam, usual opt-in instructions: http://www.starcomnexus.com/early-access-updates-and-save-games/ This is a smaller update than 0.13 due to a shorter cycle and a large amount of time being spent on a single (spoilery) feature, but hopefully some commanders will have at it and if it’s sufficiently stable I’ll promote … Read more

Weekly Update #39: Upcoming Beta

It’s been about a month since Beta 0.13 went up on the opt-in branch. Combining some fixes for that with some new content, I’m starting to pull together Beta 0.14. I plan to do a full playthrough in the next few days. If that goes smoothly, you can expect it on an opt-in branch next … Read more

Weekly Update #38: New race

I spent the first few days of this week continuing to work on the content from last week, which I’m being deliberately vague about because of spoilers. Other than that, here’s the progress from the past week: Fixed several bugs reported from Beta 0.13 Added ability to delete saves from the Load Game dialogue New … Read more

Weekly Update #37: A Quick One

I spent almost all of this week working on a new piece of content which is taking longer than I expected to get right. It’s also quite spoilery so I’m just going to keep this week’s update very brief. Apart from this new content I worked on: Working on new music with the game’s composer … Read more

Weekly Update #36: Beta 0.13.0 Preview

I spent most of the past week playing through Beta 0.13 and fixing bugs. Yesterday I posted it to a beta branch. Brave commanders who want to check out the new version and aren’t afraid of a few bugs can check it out. See the Beta branch instructions for details. Beta 0.13 Changes: Warp hopper … Read more

Weekly Update #35: Pre-Beta 0.13 prep

It’s been over a month since Beta 0.12 was pushed to the live branch and I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback. I’ve just started doing a full playthrough of 0.13. Hopefully, there aren’t too many issues and I’ll be able to put it on a beta branch next week. Here’s what I’ve been working … Read more

Weekly Update #34

As I posted on Twitter this week, the feature I started last week has reached the point where I feel I can say it’s going into the game: Attack Drones! Other efforts from the past week: New enemy ships More controller support work Changed the “threat level” logic to hopefully be more accurate (this is … Read more

Weekly Update #33: Early Changes, New Mission

Here’s what I worked on this past week: Started laying out a new late game sector region Created a new late-game mission/quest and related anomalies Made some tweaks to the early game. Improved gamepad help New technologies Started working on a new ship feature but it’s not quite ready to show-off Fixed a number of … Read more

Weekly Update: #32 New content and more…

Still gathering player feedback on the recent 0.12 content update, but overall it sounds like players are really liking it with no major bugs. Here’s what I worked on this week: Modified procedural generation to allow the generation of “off-path” sectors Started layout of new sectors Four new kinds space anomalies Map tooltips: planets show … Read more

Weekly Update #31: Beta 0.12 to Default

The big update from the past week was pushing v. 0.12 to the default branch on Steam. The previous version was 0.10.3 so that was a pretty big update. See the announcement for a list of changes. Big thanks to all the Beta branch testers whose feedback and testing helped make that go smoothly! Since … Read more