Weekly Update: May 31, 2024

In the last update I mentioned that I couldn’t autodetect whether the game was running on the Steam Deck, something I wanted to do so that the new text-scaling feature could automatically be applied. Two years ago when I was starting integration with Steamworks, I evaluated two possible C# libraries for Valve’s API. One was … Read more

Weekly Update: May 24, 2024

The big news for the past week was Kepler being promoted to the default build, as announced here. So far, players have reported few significant bugs. I think at this point the biggest question mark is how many “stuck points” will first time players encounter. I.e., points where, due to unanticipated player behavior, the game provides … Read more

Weekly Update: May 10, 2024

As promised last week, the first Kepler build was made available as an opt-in beta last Sunday. There have been two patches since then to fix potentially significant bugs, but at least some players have made it to the game’s end. Here are the changes relative to Jupiter (the last opt-in beta): Non-spoiler changes in Kepler: Known … Read more

Weekly Update: May 3, 2024

I chiseled through most of the small items I wanted to finish for Kepler and started another playthrough. The playthrough so far uncovered three major bugs introduced by the various changes, which I have fixed. I still need to finish the playthrough and then tackle a few small items that would be difficult to fix … Read more

Weekly Update: April 26, 2024

Last week I mentioned that I had two big items and about 50 smaller items that I wanted to get done for the Kepler opt-in, plus another fast playthrough to ensure nothing major has broken. The two bigger items took a bit longer than I expected, but they are now done. One was a new … Read more

Weekly Update: April 19, 2024

Last weekend I finished a full playthrough of Kepler and came up with a list of just under 100 candidate items I’d like to fix/add before making it available as an opt-in beta. Most of these were pretty small bug fixes/tweaks/balance changes, although there is one feature and one new story line that will take … Read more

Weekly Update: April 12, 2024

A quick update this week: my wife and I went on a survey mission to investigate a nearby celestial anomaly. When we got back I started a full playthrough to see how the recent changes felt and get a sense of how much more I want to add to Kepler before releasing it as an … Read more

Ten Years of Starcom

Looking at my task tracker recently I realized it’s been ten years since I started work on what would eventually become Starcom: Nexus, the precursor of Starcom: Unknown Space. Actually ten years ago to the day, I followed Unity’s “space game tutorial” to figure out how to get a 2D spaceship moving on screen. I’ve already written … Read more

Weekly Update: March 29, 2024

Last week I posted a survey on the game content, specifically the amount of content currently in the game and the kinds of content players would like to see more of. I’ve received about 200 responses so far and overall most players said there’s either enough or close to enough content currently. Still, almost 1 … Read more