Weekly Update: February 16, 2024

I spent almost five straight days in this past week working on one “small” feature: Multi-module selection. I.e., the ability to remove more than one module from the ship and move them. Why was this feature so hard? One reason is that the shipbuilder logic is pretty complicated and module selection was designed around manipulating … Read more

Weekly Update: February 9, 2024

Last week I announced that the Jupiter opt-in beta was ready, but that it might be a bit rougher than previous betas. At this point, the feedback from players is that it is actually pretty solid. There are still some issues, but nothing game-breaking. Anyone planning on starting a new game may consider jumping in with … Read more

Weekly Update: February 2, 2024

As promised last week, the first Jupiter build has been uploaded to an unstable beta branch. It’s been quite a while since the last named update, partly due to spending more time doing post-launch Icarus patches, but mostly due to my goal of introducing an ending to the game’s story. Late in the process I … Read more

Weekly Update: January 26, 2024

I’ve continued to make progress on the Jupiter build. I’ve whittled down most of the items I planned for it. There are a lot of things I wanted to do for Jupiter that I didn’t get to. I was considering pushing it out a few more weeks, but instead I’ve decided to not expand the … Read more

Weekly Update: January 19, 2024

Last weekend I finished my full playthrough of Jupiter and noted 195 things that I wanted to fix or add for the next opt-in build. Many were fairly minor things like wording or timing changes. A few I decided I was okay with deferring and added them to the large “eventual to do” pile. Since … Read more

Weekly Update: January 12, 2024

I spent last weekend updating the automated test system/mission. I’ve discussed the mission system before: it handles not only player missions, but all “ad hoc” logic like tutorials, scripted events, random void events, etc. It is also how I run automated tests of key missions: basically a series of missions try to “speed run” the game … Read more

Weekly Update: January 5, 2024

First update of 2024! I’ve been hard at work this week. Over the past month I’ve been working on a first pass version of the game’s ending. I finally stitched it together to the point where the game now has a path from start to finish. Or I should say, would have a path if they were … Read more

Weekly Update: December 29, 2023

Another quick update this week. The week before Christmas was one of the more productive weeks I’ve had in a while, getting a lot of tasks done. This week was a bit less so because I only worked half of Christmas Eve and took Christmas day off entirely, but still making some good progress. Specific … Read more

Weekly Update: December 22, 2023

A quick update this week. I spent most of this past week continuing to work on late-game content, specifically working on one feature for a new enemy. This is a pretty common pattern: I conceive of a new feature/attack/mechanic/etc, and then spend a half a day implementing an initial version of it to verify that … Read more

One Year in Early Access Update

It’s been a full year since Starcom: Unknown Space entered Early Access, so instead of the regular weekly update, I decided this was a good time to do another progress update. First, overall I feel very good about the state of the game. While Betelgeuse (the first Early Access release) was solid, there were a number of … Read more