Weekly Update: February 16, 2024

I spent almost five straight days in this past week working on one “small” feature: Multi-module selection. I.e., the ability to remove more than one module from the ship and move them. Why was this feature so hard? One reason is that the shipbuilder logic is pretty complicated and module selection was designed around manipulating … Read more

Weekly Update: February 9, 2024

Last week I announced that the Jupiter opt-in beta was ready, but that it might be a bit rougher than previous betas. At this point, the feedback from players is that it is actually pretty solid. There are still some issues, but nothing game-breaking. Anyone planning on starting a new game may consider jumping in with … Read more

Weekly Update: February 2, 2024

As promised last week, the first Jupiter build has been uploaded to an unstable beta branch. It’s been quite a while since the last named update, partly due to spending more time doing post-launch Icarus patches, but mostly due to my goal of introducing an ending to the game’s story. Late in the process I … Read more