Weekly Update: January 26, 2024

I’ve continued to make progress on the Jupiter build. I’ve whittled down most of the items I planned for it. There are a lot of things I wanted to do for Jupiter that I didn’t get to. I was considering pushing it out a few more weeks, but instead I’ve decided to not expand the … Read more

Weekly Update: January 19, 2024

Last weekend I finished my full playthrough of Jupiter and noted 195 things that I wanted to fix or add for the next opt-in build. Many were fairly minor things like wording or timing changes. A few I decided I was okay with deferring and added them to the large “eventual to do” pile. Since … Read more

Weekly Update: January 12, 2024

I spent last weekend updating the automated test system/mission. I’ve discussed the mission system before: it handles not only player missions, but all “ad hoc” logic like tutorials, scripted events, random void events, etc. It is also how I run automated tests of key missions: basically a series of missions try to “speed run” the game … Read more

Weekly Update: January 5, 2024

First update of 2024! I’ve been hard at work this week. Over the past month I’ve been working on a first pass version of the game’s ending. I finally stitched it together to the point where the game now has a path from start to finish. Or I should say,¬†would¬†have a path if they were … Read more