Weekly Update: October 27, 2023

The new Icarus build continues to go smoothly with relatively few issues reported, although there are some. I’ve posted an opt-in patch to the unstable branch to address some of these. The main purpose of this patch is to add preliminary experimental support for localization. Since that involved small changes to almost every system in the game, … Read more

Weekly Update: October 13, 2023

The big item from this past week was making Icarus the default build. A big thanks to players who did opt-in play testing of the build: it seems like this build is solid with few serious issues reported (knock wood). I’ve spent most of the past ten days or so chiseling away at localization. There … Read more

Weekly Update: October 6, 2023

Last Sunday I posted a patch for a few issues in the new opt-in Icarus build. Overall Icarus seems solid so I plan to make it the default build later this weekend and post an announcement at that time. Again, anyone starting a new game now is recommended to¬†switch to Icarus now. This week I’ve … Read more