Weekly Update: August 25, 2023

Quick update, as most of what I worked on falls into the category of things I’d like to first show rather than tell: the previously mentioned new feature as well as another new feature. Other tasks done in the last week: Until next week,Kevin

Weekly Update: August 18, 2023

This past week I worked on two in-game features: an element for the late game that required some VFX, and a feature that is sort of an updated/modified feature from Starcom: Nexus. The latter took the most time: it was one of those features where I had an idea how I wanted it to work, but … Read more

Weekly Update: August 11, 2023

Last week I posted Helios as an opt-in build. I had been concerned this one might have been buggier than usual because of the large number of changes, but so far there haven’t been any major bugs and players are liking the changes. I forgot to mention: if you finish the Helios build, submit a … Read more

Weekly Update: August 4, 2023

Earlier this week I posted a patch to the opt-in Helios build fixing some minor issues that testers uncovered. Since then I’ve worked on some additional minor issues, and started work on a new “fog of exploration/war” feature, which at least a dozen players have requested. This was a rare feature that turned out to … Read more