Weekly Update: July 28, 2023

Last weekend I did another full playthrough and round of changes prior to making the new Helios build available as opt-in on Wednesday. Since then I’ve started working on some non-gameplay tasks, since these types of changes can be deployed after the fact with low risk of breaking saves. I spent a big chunk of … Read more

Weekly Update: July 21, 2023

Last weekend I did a full playthrough of the latest update and made a large list of things to fix, add, or change. As I mentioned last update, my goal was to make this available for opt-in in the next two weeks, so one week from now. There are still almost 50 items left on … Read more

Weekly Update: July 14, 2023

After the roller coaster of the last two weeks, I spent most of the last week working on the remaining big items I wanted for the next update, “Helios”. It’s not a massive update, but it touches a lot of things and as a result may have introduced more issues than a typical named update. … Read more

Weekly Update: July 7, 2023

This week was a bit of trial: I went to the ER on Sunday for what seems to have been a stomach virus, then my eye doctor yesterday for an issue with my right eye. The good news is that neither of these are believed to be serious issues, although it sounds like I will … Read more