Weekly Update: May 26, 2023

As I announced earlier this week, Ganymede is ready for opt-in testing. If players don’t find any serious issues, I plan to make it the new default build in a little over a week. You can read the announcement with changes here. Since then, I’ve posted several minor patches to the build for bugs and QoL … Read more

Ganymede Opt-in Content Progression

I just posted Ganymede, the latest opt-in beta. As with previous “named” content updates, this one is not save compatible. Some players (understandably) don’t want to replay the game for every release, particularly when large chunks of the game stay the same, and want to know “how much new content is there”? While working on … Read more

Weekly Update: May 19, 2023

Quick update as I’m trying to get Ganymede ready for opt-in beta testing, hopefully in the next day or so. Quantity-wise, it’s probably about as much content as Fornax, maybe a little more, although it took a lot more time due to some new vfx and features. Most of the new content is in the … Read more

Weekly Update: May 12, 2023

This has been another productive week. As I posted last week, I’m working on getting the next content update (Ganymede) ready for a beta. I’ve done most of the big items I want to add. My plan is to spend the next week on small and medium changes, adding in new music tracks, and then … Read more

Weekly Update: May 5, 2023

Quick update this week because I’ve been in high productivity mode the past few days and I want to take advantage of that. It’s been a month since the last opt-in beta was posted (Fornax) and some players have asked when they can expect the next. I don’t have an ETA yet, but hopefully by … Read more