Weekly Update Mar 31, 2023

I’ll be traveling the second week of April, so my goal for the next week is to get a new opt-in Beta build out before next weekend. It won’t be a major update from Europa (the current opt-in Beta), but it does incorporate some changes to skill checks, several side quests that can be triggered … Read more

Weekly Update Mar 24, 2023

In the past week I’ve continued working on refactors to the skill-check system and modifying existing anomalies to remove or adjust checks. I’ve finished all but two. I also worked on creating a fairly complex anomaly, inspired by on one from Starcom: Nexus. While I was working on it, it grew into a small side-quest … Read more

Weekly Update: Mar 17, 2023

Last Saturday I posted a blog update regarding the issues with the Skill / Crew system, which is the main thing I’ve been working on this week. Specific changes I’ve started: Other things I’ve worked on outside of crew/skill: Until next week! — Kevin

Crew System, Revisited

I just posted the Europa build as a beta opt-in. While players check it out and give feedback, I’ve been thinking about some changes to the crew/skill system. There’s an on-going discussion in the Steam Forums specifically about the skill system. My current understanding of players’ feelings is that players like having a command crew … Read more

Weekly Update: Mar 10, 2023

Weekly Update: Mar 10, 2023 In the last week I did some more work and testing on the Europa build and deployed it as an opt-in beta, which you can read about here. Over the next few days I patched some bugs uncovered by testers and implemented some QoL changes. Apart from one significant late … Read more

Weekly Update: Mar 3, 2023

I haven’t quite gotten everything I wanted to get done into the current version, but rather than delay I plan to make the “Europa” build available as an opt-in beta. It might be a little less polished than previous builds, but I think that’s okay as I don’t plan on making Europa a default build. … Read more