Weekly Update #79: No Update, Vacation!

My wife and I took our first real vacation in almost three years this week, so there’s no update this week. We went to the beautiful island of St. Martin which was a nice dose of sunshine to break up the New England winter. Until next week! In the meantime you can find me on Twitter, … Read more

Weekly Update #78: A Brief Update

In the past week I’ve continued to investigate creating content development tools for my next project. I don’t have all the details set in stone, but the project codename is “Starcom 3” which should give you some hint as to the genre. (If you weren’t aware, Starcom; Nexus is actually the second Starcom game. The … Read more

Weekly Update #76: ECS Investigation and Localization

I spent last weekend familiarizing myself with Unity’s new ECS system, aka DOTS. ECS (which stands for “Entity-Component-System”) is an increasingly popular structure for game development. Without going into a lot of technical details, the new system is similar to Unity’s existing composition model, except moving the logic out of the components and into separate … Read more