Weekly Update #57: Space Atmosphere

Earlier this week, Beta 0.16.1 was promoted to the default branch on Steam. This is the first default build to include an ending to the main story. While players provide feedback and I gather analytics data, I started working on a cosmetic change. Rather than the usual weekly task list, I thought I’d do a … Read more

Weekly Update #56: Beta 0.16

After last weekend’s showcasing the game at BostonFIG, I spent the beginning of the week testing and then posting Beta 0.16 to the opt-in branch on Steam. This was a relatively quick Beta milestone compared to previous because I plan to promote this one to the default branch in the next week. This will be … Read more

Weekly Update #55: Boston FIG

Yesterday I showcased Starcom: Nexus at the Boston Festival of Indie Games. This was my first time exhibiting a game at any kind of festival/convention and it was a lot of fun, exhausting and a great learning experience. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say ‘hi’ and/or played the game! My voice is still … Read more

Weekly Update #54: Fest Prep

Hey all! Last weekend I was in Minnesota for a wedding so this week was a bit abbreviated, development wise. As I mentioned previously, I’ll be showcasing Starcom: Nexus at the Boston Festival of Indie Games next weekend. If you’re planning on going, be sure to stop by and say hi! Apart from prepping for … Read more