Weekly Update #53: Beta 0.15 Feedback

Hey everyone, early update this week as I’ll be traveling this weekend. As I announced last week, Beta 0.15 is available on an opt-in branch on Steam. To see how to access opt-in branches, click here. The major change of this update was the addition of an end game. I don’t plan to promote this … Read more

Weekly Update #52: Beta 0.15

It’s apparently been a full year since I started doing weekly progress updates on development! There’s quite a bit of news this week. First, Beta 0.15 is now available as an opt-in branch of Steam. See here for instructions on how to access. As usual, since this is a content update save games are not … Read more

Weekly Update #51: Playthrough

This past week I did a full playthrough of the current game (Beta 0.15) noting bugs and areas for improvement. This was my first playthrough in several months and it went better than expected: I identified 72 bugs and problem areas, but only a handful were game breaking and many were minor quick fixes and … Read more

Weekly Update #50: Endgame Draft

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been working primarily on giving the game an ending. Today I finally put the last pieces in place that connects the various disparate elements. In the next few days I’ll start a full play through to find out what these changes broke and what obviously needs fixing. Hopefully not … Read more

Weekly Update #49: Story work, Testing

This week’s update is a little early, as I will be offline this weekend. Still chugging away at the end game, which is hard to talk about without giving away spoilers. Here’s what I’ve worked on: Various lore writing Continued work on the missions that will comprise the end game. Test tools that help me … Read more