Weekly Update #13

I’m currently hard at work trying to squeeze in another content update and closed Beta this week. If that version (0.9.x) turns out not to have any major issues, that’ll be the Early Access launch version. If it turns out to have problems, we’ll launch with the current Build (0.8.3). Despite the holiday I got … Read more

Weekly Update #12

The big news this past week was announcing the Early Access date: on December 12th, everyone can start exploring the mysterious and wonderful universe of Starcom: Nexus, so add to it to your wishlist on Steam now! The rest of the week was mostly spent on a bit of an experiment: a single but fairly … Read more

Starcom: Nexus Early Access Release Date Announced!

You’ve finally made it out of the academy and have been given your first starship to command. Sure, it’s just a light shuttle, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right? Suddenly “somewhere” is stranded in an unknown galaxy surrounded by warring alien factions and no way home. You must explore uncharted worlds, research new technologies, … Read more

Weekly Update #11

This past week didn’t see a lot of content/features update, it was mainly spent on Closed Beta #4, which has gone very well. Here are the major tasks accomplished in the last week: Fixed a number of bugs and balance issues in the lead up to the beta New achievements New discoveries Misc. marketing and … Read more

Weekly Update #10

Hey everybody, another productive week of work preparing the game for the next closed Beta round, which I hope to start in the next week or so. As always, I try to post weekly updates on progress so players can see how the game is shaping up in between game updates. Here’s what happened in … Read more