Weekly Update #9

Weekly update to keep testers updated on what’s happened in Starcom:Nexus development: Additional sectors Half dozen new anomalies New discoveries More research technologies Updated Steam trailer and misc. marketing Also got Wx3 Labs recognized by Steam as an LLC. This whole process took a surprisingly long time, not necessarily because of Steam, but the process … Read more

Weekly Update #8

This week’s update is a little early because I’ll be away this weekend. Here’s what happened in the past week in Starcom:Nexus development: Worked on some “off-path” content which I’m very happy about but won’t spoil here. Added the ability for players to save their custom ship designs. Additional Sentinel ships and capabilities. Appeared on … Read more

Weekly Update #7

Here’s what I worked on the last week: Worked on updated trailer XBox controller support for in-game controls Changed fighter behavior to flocking New alien race Faster gateway transitions Comet celestials Misc balance changes and fixes Marketing and logistics In other news I’ll be joining the Space Game Junkie podcast this Tuesday, October 16th at … Read more

Weekly Update #6

Here’s what happened with Starcom:Nexus development this past week: Secondary weapon switching logic and player laser weapons. Shields game logic and effect. This still needs to tweaking to get the feel and balance right, but looks pretty cool. Work on updated Early Access trailer. Various minor bug fixes and quality improvements. By the way, if … Read more