Weekly Update #5

This week was mostly spent on Round 3 of the closed Beta: testing, bug fixes and tweaks in preparation, sending out emails, collecting feedback, etc. Besides the Beta I worked on: Beam weapons. Currently enemy only, but I think they will get added to the player tech tree eventually. I’ve designed them as very high … Read more

Weekly Update #4

Really quick update this week. I’ve spent the past couple days playtesting and fixing minor bugs as I prepare for the 3rd closed beta round, hopefully going out later this week. Tasks accomplished since the last update: Added retro/stabilizer thrust effect to ship Trade system has supply/demand effects; if the player sells a lot of … Read more

Weekly Update #3

Got a little bit less done this week than usual because I was traveling for a friend’s wedding. As usual, this is part of a regular quickly weekly update that I plan to continue through the game’s Early Access until full release so players are kept aware of progress. In the past week I’ve: Done … Read more

Weekly Update #2

As I mentioned last week, I’ve started doing weekly progress updates to keep players informed on what I’ve done in the past week. I think it’s important that once the game enters Early Access those who have bought the game be kept updated on the game’s progress. What happened in the past week: The biggest … Read more

Weekly Update

Now that the store page and community forums are up, I’m going to try to post short but regular weekly progress updates. This will give you all a sense of how the game is progressing and help keep me accountable. The major item I spent a lot time on this week was the second round … Read more