Weekly Update

Now that the store page and community forums are up, I’m going to try to post short but regular weekly progress updates. This will give you all a sense of how the game is progressing and help keep me accountable.

The major item I spent a lot time on this week was the second round of the Closed Beta. This involved a lot of play testing, bug fixes, more testing and more bug fixes even before the r2 testers started playing. Special thanks to Space Dandy who caught a couple of significant bugs before the beta went out.

Besides the Beta:

  • Improved the analytics, created a web interface for me to view game events and feedback
  • Load game dialogue
  • More anomalies
  • Pulsar celestial
  • Discoverable tech branches, discovery drops
  • Social Media and marketing stuff
  • Lots of bug fixes, game play tweaks in response to Beta feedback

Finally, I just setup a Discord server for the game, here’s the invite link: