Weekly Update: September 29, 2023

(For context this is a copy of a news post on Steam)

As announced earlier this week, the Icarus build is available for opt-in. So far, there have been no reports of serious issues and at least a few players have reached the end. This is good news for my goal of promoting Icarus to the default build in a little over a week.

I’m trying an experiment regarding weekly updates:

I have been posting these updates just as topics in the discussion forum. Some players have suggested I post them as news items. Based on wording in Valve’s Steamworks documentation I had (incorrectly) believed that there wasn’t a way to post small weekly updates that weren’t tied to a build. Apparently I can do that, I just need to manually set the visibility of announcements to appropriate values. Let me know if you think this is better and has the appropriate visibility.

Also, I thought I’d introduce a topic for players to discuss:

One of the things that delight players is when they do something unexpected or contrary to what they are expected to do, and the game acknowledges the action in some small way. Implementing these is work that most players will never see, but I think the value that it gives the players who do experiment with something weird is sometimes worth it.

So for players of Starcom: Unknown Space, is there anything you tried to see what would happen? I’m specifically looking for things that the game doesn’t current react to. If your experiment related to some narrative important content, please use spoiler tags.

Until next week!