Weekly Update: September 22, 2023 (Icarus update)

I spent this week on a few tasks I wanted to complete for Icarus, the latest opt-in build, then did a full playthrough yesterday and made some minor adjustments. There are some known issues, like laser controls are a bit janky, but I decided to make it available for any players who want to give it a go.

See here for instructions on how to switch to an opt-in build.

Most of the changes relative to Helios are in the very late game, but there are some new elements and changes throughout.

My goal is to gather feedback from early brave commanders and see if there’s anything seriously broken, and deploy patches as necessary. Then I’ll start promoting it as a recommended branch to new players. If all goes well, the goal will be to make this a default build to replace Ganymede in a few weeks.

Done this week:

  • New source of discoveries
  • Several new anomalies
  • Some new techs
  • Full playthrough
  • Deployed build

Until next week!
– Kevin