Weekly Update: November 3, 2023

This week was a bit less productive: Kristin (my wife) had a surgery last Friday. She’s recovering well, but there’s been a fair amount of downtime due to hospital visits, extra errands, etc.

As I mentioned last week, there is a patched version of the Icarus build for anyone who wants to try that out. It doesn’t add any new content, but addresses several minor issues and implements experimental localization for German and French. It sounds like this build as at least as stable as default, but I’d like a little more data before I set it to the default. It is still an Icarus build, so compatible with current saves.

The main thing I’ve worked on in the past week is work on an alternate solution for a late game “challenge” (anyone who has completed Icarus can probably guess what the challenge is). I spent a day doing one version of an implementation, didn’t love how it felt and started over.

I’ve also been working with the new modeler on some new ship modules which are coming along nicely.

Until next week,