Weekly Update: November 24, 2023

It’s Thanksgiving week here in the US, so if you celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving!

As I mentioned last week, there’s been an influx of new players on Icarus and I encouraged players who find themselves stuck to submit their saves and post in the discussion forums so I can see examples of locations where players need additional guidance. I got quite a few submissions, and I would just encourage players to keep doing that. If you find yourself with no idea what to do at any point in the game, that could be a bug. Most of the submissions were known areas. But there were some new examples: two players had missed Flingers in their exploration, which suggests that I should draw more attention to unused Flingers.

Also, a reminder that there is an opt-in “unstable” build available. At this point, I’d suggest that if you are about to start a fresh game, you might want to try that version as it fixes some minor QoL issues and improves some mission flow issues.

Finally, I’ve started work on a late game mission, so not too much to talk about on the development side, as I’ve mainly been focused on that and I try to avoid spoilers in these weekly updates.

Until next week!
– Kevin