Weekly Update: May 19, 2023

Quick update as I’m trying to get Ganymede ready for opt-in beta testing, hopefully in the next day or so. Quantity-wise, it’s probably about as much content as Fornax, maybe a little more, although it took a lot more time due to some new vfx and features. Most of the new content is in the late game, although there are some changes to the mid-game as well as general gameplay changes.

As a specific example, I mentioned previously that I’ve implemented smarter autopilot, which can navigate to destinations using fast travel nodes. A related new feature is that the ship screen now has “autopilot realtime continue”. Instead of pausing the game while the ship menu is open, if flying to a destination you can choose to keep game time moving. This way you can review the ship log, assign crew skills, etc., while heading to a destination. If an unknown object or hostile ship appears, it will pause with a notification.

All for now, I’ll post another update when Ganymede is up.
— Kevin

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