Weekly Update: May 12, 2023

This has been another productive week. As I posted last week, I’m working on getting the next content update (Ganymede) ready for a beta. I’ve done most of the big items I want to add. My plan is to spend the next week on small and medium changes, adding in new music tracks, and then doing a full playthrough with a focus on content that needs adjusting as a result of the changes.

My goal is to have an opt-in beta ready in the next 10 days or so.

Work done in the past week:

  • Continued work on new anomalies, missions and content for Ganymede
  • Several new techs, balance changes
  • Ship lights now reflect power levels
  • Optimized ship module shader
  • Log search now also searches anomaly names
  • Friendly ships in same sector now always visible
  • Fixed some AI oversteering cases
  • Fixed some issues with spawn overlapping
  • Additional automated tests

Until next week!
— Kevin