Weekly Update: Mar 10, 2023

Weekly Update: Mar 10, 2023

In the last week I did some more work and testing on the Europa build and deployed it as an opt-in beta, which you can read about here.

Over the next few days I patched some bugs uncovered by testers and implemented some QoL changes. Apart from one significant late game bug (now patched) Europa seems pretty stable.

Other tasks done in the past week:

  • Added an experimental mouse steering option (available in Europa)
  • Replaced all uses of a particular Unity VFX function (SpawnOverDistance). This was fairly tedious, but the function has some performance issues
  • Changed the save game dialogue to allow overwrite or deletion of previous saves
  • Enabled thumbnails for player saves
  • Updated Unity engine

I’m now in the planning stages for changes to crew/skill system and plan to do a post about this soon.

Until next time,

— Kevin